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About Us

Although LOGIK handles a number of legal matters, our primary focus areas are: Architect & Engineer Law, Construction Law, Consumer Advocacy, Estate Planning & Probate and Real Estate Law. Each practice group is particularly situated to handle matters unique to that particular area of law, providing creative and practical solutions to your legal needs and concerns. Our policy is to provide quality legal services to best protect your current and future assets, as well as maximizing the letter of the law to the extent possible to reach your particular legal needs, goals, and objectives.

LOGIK is specially situated to handle legal matters in these practice groups, and matters that are unique to design professionals and the construction industry, due to the founder’s background in the architectural and construction industry. The firm’s founder has worked in the field of architecture and construction for 20 years and holds a professional degree of Architecture. LOGIK possesses the particular insight required to understand, protect, and legally represent issues and matters that are unique to the design professional, contractor, and developers as well as individuals protecting their personal assets and building their futures.

The year 2021 comes with a few new laws for Illinosians. Click New Laws 2021 to see if they affect you. 

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