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Website Internet E-mail Communications Policy of LOGIK Legal LLC

  1. Confidentiality: Outside of your name and contact information, do not send personal information and documents to LOGIK by E-mail unless you have retained LOGIK to represent you.

  2. Conflict of Interest:  LOGIK may be unable to represent you if representation of you is a conflict or prejudices existing LOGIK clientele. Depending upon the information you disclose and a possible conflict of interest, LOGIK may be required to disclose such information to another party.

  3. Subject/Heading: The subject boxes/circles are used to identify the nature of your communication, junk E-mail, and spam. You must select a subject for your contact form to be processed. If you send a direct E-mail to us, do not send anonymous E-mail communications that lack a clear subject type and title regarding your communication. Failure to provide adequate information and/or questionable subject line will lead to the automatic destruction of your E-mail message without review.

  4. Private Law Firm:  LOGIK is a private law firm. We do not provide free legal advice. However, you may feel free to click on “Resources” in our website menu to locate possible free or low cost legal services entities that may be able to assist you with your matter of concern.

  5. Legal Advice:  LOGIK cannot provide any legal advice until LOGIK has been properly retained.

  6. Security:  The World Wide Web (Internet) is not regulated by any governing authority, may be unreliable, and may be unsecured. LOGIK can not and will not ensure that all E-mails are safe from intruders and interception, whether voluntary or involuntary.

  7. Additional Information:  Our web site provides general information regarding the legal services offered by LOGIK. Please do not hesitate to contact the office if you require additional information.

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Phone: 773.568.5620

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Email:  legalservices@logiklegal.org