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LaOuida Glover

Attorney LaOuida Glover received her Juris Doctors from the University of Illinois College of Law. Attorney Glover has a unique passion and background in philanthropic contributions in which she focuses on advising the development of arts and cultural venues in the Chicago area. LaOuida has established a track record of advising leaders on developmental strategies and operations of community based non-for-profit organizations, as well as for profit cooperate development. LaOuida was responsible for saving what is now known as the South Shore Cultural Center from demolition and responsible for having its current landmark status. 

LaOuida serves as a back-up attorney for LOGIK Legal LLC in which she focuses on foreclosure defense and predatory lending. LaOuida has the unique experience of having worked both sides of foreclosure in which she gained significance litigation experience representing Fortune 500 companies while at the law firm of Carney & Brothers, Ltd. Later, she moved to the defense side of foreclosure to aid property owners in saving their real estate from foreclosure.

LaOuida, as founding attorney, directly manages the day to day operations of the Glover Law Office where she serves as litigation and transaction attorney for individuals as well as emerging and existing small commercial operations. LaOuida has significance legal experience acquired from her work in the legal arena for almost 40 years.